The school leadership team and I have been looking at ways to make roll call quicker and more efficient. Roll marking is taking up to 15 minutes per class and further manual data entry after class, taking time away from interaction and learning for both students and teachers.

After reviewing several possible solutions, we found an innovative classroom technology that could meet school needs called LoopLearn. LoopLearn uses combination of a small camera and facial recognition technology to accurately record attendance of students in learning spaces in the school. This technology works by uploading a photograph of each student from school records and matching it with the scan taken in class.  LoopLearn does not permanently save any scans.

The school is considering a trial period to evaluate the usefulness of this system. A full privacy impact assessment and consultation with parents, staff and students will be completed before any trial of the technology is conducted.

Please let us know if you have any comments or thoughts on this initiative call or email Assistant Principal Andrew Elborough on

If you would like more information about the handling of personal information at William Ruthven Secondary College please go to our school’s privacy policy.