You might have noticed that we have been changing the way we teach Science and Maths at WRSC.

We have introduced more open-ended, design-orientated, project-based learning. We have also introduced new technology-based subjects which involve the students learning how to use new technology in order to solve real-world problems.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths.

STEM is important for our students as it will equip them with both the academic skills and the soft skills such as problem-solving and working well in a team, to prepare them for 21st Century jobs.

Our STEM journey started in 2016. We introduced a STEM task to Year 7 and 8 Science.

From there, in 2017, we expanded STEM tasks to include Year 9 science electives and Year 10 core Science.

By 2018, we have expanded STEM into ten Year 9/10 electives and are giving students even more opportunities to explore STEM through competitions and excursions outside our school.

A STEM classroom looks a little different to a traditional setting. It is a busy place where students have their own projects and are all working at their own level. It is often chaotic but exciting as the teacher acts as a facilitator for the learning.

You can meet our STEM team on our new STEM website, here.