On Monday 27 August, the Year 9/10 basketball teams went to Coburg basketball stadium to represent the school.

My B team showed great heart and great enthusiasm in the four games. We played the best we could and showed the opposing teams we were there to play basketball.

We won one game against Reservoir, lost the next two to Thornbury and Northcote and the next one was a draw against EPIC.

Some of the stand out players were Chris, Azza and Tony with their great teamwork and their great skill throughout the day

– Steven Sarandopoulos 9A

The annual basketball round-robin tournament took place this Monday 27 August. With the 9/10 A and B basketball teams all excited, we took off to Coburg Stadium and played against various other schools competing in the competition.

After the B team’s first game, the A team stepped onto the court facing off against Northcote, a very competitive team of amazing players with unreal skills.

Against Northcote, the team was determined to put up the best challenge possible. We demonstrated strategies practiced beforehand and put up a good fight.

Unfortunately, we lost that game along with the other three games we played. However, we showed great determination, and all came together as a team.

– Max McCallion 9C

Coburg Basketball Stadium was where all the fun started! 0n the 27th of August our year 9/10 basketball teams went head to head with the other schools in Darebin Division.

We played against the following schools- EPIC, Thornbury, Reservoir and Northcote.

The girl’s team had no subs, so we had to push through every game and by the end we were all working together having a good time.

We were working very hard together to win a game which we were able to.

The other games were close but what was most important was that we all had a good time and showed great skills by the end of the day. Thanks Ms Saxton for taking us.

– Nour Kour 10C