On Tuesday 17 September, the Year 11 Health and Human Development visited the Mercy Hospital for Women. On this excursion, which was led by Ms Saxton, we reflected on some of our unit two topics, fertilisation and the stages of prenatal development. We discussed prenatal and antenatal care and learnt about the menstruation cycle. Our presenter, Rosemary, was a midwife working at the hospital. She showed us many different models of a foetus, which was true to size and weight. We gained a lot of knowledge from this day that we can now use in the future. It was both fun and fascinating to experience new things such as a real-life placenta and a 1-day old baby. Thank you Ms Saxton for taking us and thank you Mr Esnouf and Mr Elborough for driving the bus.

Some of the students’ highlights:

“My highlight of the excursion was being able to see a newborn baby and chat with the mother and her experience.”

– Angelina Kalati

“My highlight was being able to see a real life placenta.” 

– Sarah Harik

“My highlight was having a better insight what midwives do and also understanding the processes of birth before and after.” 

– Olivia Siaosi

“It was a very educational day being at the hospital and being able to see the newborn and her mother and her explaining her struggles.” 

– Giulia Masucci

“Worst part of the day was walking 60kms to maccas! But overall it was amazing.” 

– Muhammad Al-Moukhles

“What I liked about the excursion was the hospital was big and I learned good thing.”

– Dervis Dolu

“It was interesting.”

– Kaan Kiymazaslan

“I enjoyed seeing the newborn baby.”

– Abdullah Ibrahmim

“I found the presentation quite informative and it helped to refine my knowledge of the topics within the textbook.” 

– Alanah O’Malley

“I found it very interesting as we got to see a newborn baby after learning all the lifespan and growth leading upto the birth.”

 -Tiffany Clear

“I learned a lot about newborn babies and the care they need as well as the mother after giving birth.”

– Lana Novelli

“It was a very educational event and I learned so much, very appreciative.” 

– Maaze Mahmoud

“We enjoyed and learnt what the placenta did.”

– Ahmed Safar