Music enrolment

Music provides students with the opportunity to explore, share and express themselves in a creative and supportive learning environment.

Students learn valuable team skills as they play in a collaborative music ensemble and build confidence through performance. As well as being a lot of fun, music improves memory, coordination, organisation and concentration, all of which help to create pathways for future learning across the school curriculum.

In 2021 at William Ruthven Secondary College lessons will be available for free to a limited number of students.

Students will participate in weekly lessons, ensemble or band rehearsals and many performance opportunities within our college and local community. Instrumental hire is available for a small fee if required (Guitar = $10 per term, Woodwind/ Brass/ Strings = $20 per term) and is payable through Compass.

Enrolment is subject to the following conditions:
1. Weekly lessons, in small groups, are held during school hours. Students are withdrawn from class at a time that rotates throughout the school timetable to avoid missing the same class each week. Students must complete work for any classes that they are withdrawn from.
2. Students must undertake a regular and consistent practice program.
3. Every student is encouraged to be an active member of an ensemble and perform as part of that ensemble at any concerts or lunchtime performances.
4. As with all other subjects the student’s work will be subject to reporting and assessment each semester.

For your child to participate in this program you will need to fill out this enrolment form and return it to the Office by March 8th, 2021.

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s music education. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the email address listed below.

Kirsty Allen
English/Music/Drama Teacher
Instrumental Music Coordinator
Tel: 94622177