Twice a year, we offer Year 12 VCE students the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop delivered by a VCAA English exam assessor and expert, Ross Huggard. 

Students attended workshop one back in February when the English exam probably seemed like a distant blur on the horizon – but workshop two, delivered on 18 August, was a timely reminder that the exam period is now only a few months away. 

Mr Huggard has more than 30 years of experience working with VCAA and helping students prepare for the English exam. His advice gives students a peek behind the curtain to understand exactly how their exams will be marked, how to manage their time, common mistakes and how to avoid them, and some invaluable dos and don’ts to write the best essays possible. Students also had the chance to ask questions and clarify misconceptions about the exam. 

As the first stop in the exam period, English can often set the tone for how confident Year 12 students feel for the rest of their exams. Teachers understand exactly how stressful exam time can be for Year 12 students, which is why the school provides this free, helpful resource to make sure students have the best possible chance at success and feel confident and prepared. 

Year 12 students are expected, to a certain extent, to take responsibility for their own learning. We’re very proud of the students who chose to attend this workshop, showing a strong commitment to maximising their chances of success in the English exam. Well done to Alezy, Maya, Daniel, Theo, Raymond, Yasmeen, Mousa and Josh for attending. 

We hope to provide more opportunities for students to prepare for exams – all students are encouraged to seize these opportunities when they arise.