La Trobe University visit
La Trobe University visit

All of Year 7 and Year 8 students headed to La Trobe University this week to get a taste of university life.

The excursion was part of an ongoing schools partnership program where students learn and talk about life at university and participate in different activities around the campus. 

Below are some comments from two Year 7 students about their experience.

All year 7s went on an excursion to La Trobe. We talked to many university students and they told us their life experience and university experience. We went around the university and visited many stores. It was like a plaza or a mall. We talked about opportunities that we could have when we go to university and many of us saw no lack of fun while we were there.

– By Jai  (7A)

I felt that La Trobe University was very fun because of the activities that we had to do and having a chat with some of the university students about what days you had to go and how hard the work is and other things.  The first activities my group had to do was the race around La Trobe which I found was the best one because as a group we had to stick and work together to find where all the scan codes were. The second activity was talking with the university students about what they had to do and what their dream job was and why they wanted to do that job. The last activity was playing a game but the game was related to La Trobe University. Overall, the day was good. I had fun with all of the activities and I learnt that if I went to La Trobe University that they have some good students and that if I wanted to do my dream job than at La Trobe I would be happy and enjoy the job that I want to do.

– By Daniel (7C)

Our Year 8 students were involved in three workshops; Crashworthy Vehicle Design, Who Goes to Uni and Sculpture Scavenger.
Below are some comments about how the Year 8s found the workshops.

Crashworthy Vehicle Design
During this activity, we were put into groups and given a model car with a hard-wooden front, paper cups, straws, foam and sticky tape. We had to come up with a model that prevents the person driving the vehicle from getting severely injured. We then got to crash test our models to see which one was the safest. This workshop related to/talked about the different types of engineering jobs.

– By Yasim. S 8C

Who Goes to Uni
This activity was a big interactive board game. First, we chose our own groups of 5 and took our places on the board. One person in our group had to stand up (while the rest assisted) and ask yes or no questions to reveal a secret occupation. You had to get a yes for your question to move forward, then do the same twice again to be able to guess the occupation. It was very fun and we were able to work together cooperatively.

– By Sophie. B 8B

Sculpture Scavenger
The sculpture scavenger hunt was an amazing activity, our classes formed groups and we were to explore La Trobe. We learnt a lot about the history and founding’s of the La Trobe University, our aim was to find sculptures and learn and record facts about them. The sculptures helped us learn our way around the university, we all enjoyed our time there and wish to visit again.

– By Yashil. R 8C