We all had such an amazing time at the Victorian State Schools Spectacular held at Hisense Arena last term.

As one of the largest recurring productions in Australia, the Victorian State Schools Spectacular brought together more than 3000 school students performing as a 64-piece orchestra, 1300 voice choir, 1200 mass dancers, 30 lead vocalists, 16 principal dancers, 20 ensemble dancers, eight backing vocalists, roller skaters and puppeteers and much more.

Here’s what our students had to say about the experience:

“We took the train to Jolimont and walked past the MCG to Hisense Arena. We were sitting right at the back of the mass choir which made it very hot and stuffy. Thankfully we had lots of water and lollies to keep us hydrated and full of energy. Our section’s conductor, Sava, kept us in time with the rest of the 1500-strong choir and amazing orchestra. It was a long three days but Miss Allan, Maddy and Sava kept us entertained and on track with the singing and dance moves and even told us a few jokes.

“It was really exciting being out of school for three days and getting to spend the time making new friends, having fun with our teachers and working with the amazing soloists. We got to see the entire show from our seats and despite the heat, it was still so much fun.

“On Saturday in between shows we had pizza delivered and one of the year 10 students baked a cake specially to say thank you to Miss Allan for all her hard work. It was super tasty and gave us lots of sugary energy to continue for the evening performance.

“I think that everyone went home very sleepy but happy that they had been part of such an amazing event and very much looking forward to taking part next year. Some people even talked about auditioning for bigger parts or trying out for dancing! Thanks Miss Allan, it was amazing!”

William Ruthven Secondary College VSSS participants


“This year I got the opportunity to participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular as part of the Mass Choir. I joined because I’d never been in choir before and since I love singing, I decided to give it a try. When we first were told about the State Schools Spectacular I was overwhelmed because it seemed so cool. When we started learning the songs I would practise them every day along with the dance moves because I just loved it so much.

“After many rehearsals at school and the technical and dress rehearsals at Hisense Arena the show was ready and I cannot tell you how excited I was. From the orchestra, to the audience, to the lights to the dancers, everything managed to exceed my expectations. I would’ve been over the moon just to watch this show but to be a part of it was a dream come true.

“I am so glad I did it and it was the best thing I’ve done all year and overall a wonderful experience. I really REALLY want to take part in it next year as well.”

Sophie Bakirtzis – 8B