On the first day back of Term 3, Year 7s and some intrepid staff faced chilly weather conditions to attend an excursion to Lake Dewar. Here, two of our students recount their experience.

On July 16th, 2018 the year seven students travelled by bus to Lake Dewar Lodge.

Arriving at the lake a chilly air surrounded us as we greeted the staff members and then got sorted into groups. We then ventured to various locations and participated in activities that involved: teamwork, trust and self-confidence.

We did our best in the hopes of earning the most points for our teams by unravelling mysteries and taking up challenges.

There were many amazing moments. We were a little shocked as we watched a couple of students accidentally fall into the lake.

I interviewed a dripping Rosie Kago from 7A about her experiences. ‘’ Everything was going great until I fell in the lake while canoeing and was drenched in freezing water, but I still felt so happy that we had such a great excursion’’.

For Yasmeen El-Sayed: “it was fun, and the staff were really good at teaching us different activities’. Her favourite activity was the cycling as Yasmeen had never a used that kind of bike and it was a good first experience.

As our trip came to an end, we discovered the pink group had won the most points and rejoiced in their success. We had many amazing moments such as: watching some peers fall in the lake, unravelling mysteries and competing for our team.

It was a truly great start to Term 3 for the Year 7s.


On Monday the 16th of July, the Year 7s went to Lake Dewar for a day camp.

It took along time to get there and back, when we finally got there we were put into teams and started doing activities.

My favourite activities were the adventure tunnels and the kick bikes.

It was a great experience for all the Year 7s, to make new friends and work as a team to get through the activities.

We would like to thank the teachers that made this day possible.


Lake Dewar excursion
Lake Dewar excursion