Elendale Farm

On Monday 9 September the ‘Food and Health for Life’ elective class spent a day at the Edendale Farm in Eltham. We completed three environmental education sessions; food footprint (the environmental impact of what you eat); sustainable Edendale farm tour (meeting and feeding the animals); and soil matters (composting and worm farming). These sessions were informative and very interesting. Some highlights of the day; 

I learnt that worm tea is really good to use for your food that you grow. 

– Enver Rabbito-Nolen 10C 

My favourite part of the excursion was the animals! They were adorable and friendly. Not only did they interact with all of us but they let us feed them as well. My favourite animals were George (a cool turkey), Simba and Nala (really old but cute ponies) and lastly a goat. It was beautiful.

– Zeynep Bagdas 9C 

It changed my way of thinking about shopping and certain products I use and when I went shopping the night after the excursion, I looked at what products were Australian and which were imported. I found that most of the stuff I use was imported.

– Sahra Said 9B 

It opened up my eyes as to how bad our environment is getting and if we don’t change the way we eat or types of foods we eat then we will run out of land to make food.

– Stella Novello 9C 

I loved the animals; the baby goats were so cute! It was interesting to know that beetles and bugs are high in protein, they are alternatives to eating beef, chicken etc and many parts of the world already eat them.

– Liv Villemin 9C

I liked many things when we went on the excursion. I liked the farm tour because the animals were cute. I also liked having lunch at Greensborough food court!

– Emma Maher 9B 

Thanks to Ms Saxton for organising this excursion and taking us.