Report: Kathy Bisas

Lunchtime activities have kicked off with a range of different clubs operating during Term 1. 

Board games, chess club and volleyball have all been running and on Tuesday 19 March we held a Lunchtime Trivia competition which tested students on their general knowledge.

Congratulations to our winning teams.

First place: Year 8 team: Dexter, Marco, Jakob, Jack 

Second place: Year 9 team: Nicolai, Jacq, Jiahao, Abimanu, Hudson 


Another lunchtime trivia competition will run Term 2 with details to follow.

Thank you to Ms Mao, Mr Pepe and Mr Vo for their assistance in running the competition and Mr Laarm heading up volleyball.


During Term 2 the following activities will be offered:

Tuesday – Volleyball club for Year 9 and 10 with Mr Laarm

Wednesday – Board games featuring LEGO lunch with Ms Bisas

Thursday – Chess club with Ms Bisas with an inter school tournament being planned later in the term.