By Jack Fratto

I selected Y Challenge because I wanted to experience something different. By different I mean to go out and do something for myself, something I am proud of. I can go out and help people and also be independent, an important aspect in life. This will give me experience for jobs in the future as I have to call up places, write a contract and be confident in my abilities. 

When I saw that Y Challenge was running again, I wanted to give it a go and volunteer to help people. I feel that I am a very helpful, reliable and caring person. I believe I suit the environment of volunteering. I heard from students who also had completed the Y Challenge. They told me that the Y Challenge was really fun, but you need to be independent. They told me that you have a lot of responsibility. For example, calling up the place you want to go, leaving school at the right time, deciding how you will get to the place. You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen, because they will not. There might also be the possibility of failure as the place could decline or not call back. 

Volunteering is something that people in my family have always done. My dad has been a basketball coach in the past and my brother Charlie is now coaching too. My dad also was the president of William Ruthven Primary School and the treasurer and event caller at Preston Reservoir Little Athletics Club. My great grandmother set up calisthenics clubs in the community and even went to nursing homes and volunteered teaching dancing to the residents. My grandmother also taught calisthenics and my mum has coached calisthenics for 28 years and loves helping children. My mum was also volunteering at William Ruthven Primary School and has now got a job at the school after just completing her qualifications. 

I completed the Morrisby Survey at school in Year 9, it said my career could potentially be a teacher. I had previously thought about being a teacher before the survey so I thought volunteering through the Y Challenge would be a great experience. I could volunteer at William Ruthven Primary School to see if I like it. I also picked William Ruthven Primary School because I used to go there, and I know the teachers. I would find it easier and more comfortable and I can enjoy myself also knowing I would also know the older kids there too. Another reason was I would be able to walk there easily from the Secondary College. I am very excited about being involved in the Y Challenge and by the end I hope to get experience in a workplace and see if teaching is a job in the future that I can pursue. 

I feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to see a small aspect of teaching.