Year 9 students will have the opportunity to complete the Morrisby profiling, an online career education tool, on Monday 18 March.

Morrisby profiling is a free career guidance tool which provides valuable support to Year 9 students as they navigate the transition from middle school to high school and begin to examine future educational and career pathways. It uses a combination of assessments, questionnaires, and personalised feedback to provide insights into abilities and preferences. Once students complete the assessment, they will meet with a qualified careers practitioner to unpack their results in Term 3. 


Here’s how Morrisby supports Year 9 students:

Self discovery: Morrisby helps Year 9 students explore their strengths, interests, and aptitudes through assessments. By gaining insights into their own capabilities and preferences, students can make more informed decisions about their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Career exploration: Year 9 is a pivotal time for career exploration, and Morrisby offers a wide range of resources to help students explore various career options. From detailed career profiles to industry insights, Morrisby equips students with the knowledge they need to explore potential career paths and set meaningful goals for their future.

Educational planning: Morrisby helps students understand how their strengths and interests align with different academic subjects and career pathways. This information can help them with subject selection and consider their post-secondary education options.

Personalised guidance: Morrisby provides personalised guidance and recommendations based on each student’s unique profile. It offers tailored support to help navigate choices effectively.


Consent to take part in the profiling needs to be approved by parents and guardians before midday on March 11. This can be done via Compass or with a hard copy consent form. 

Students attending the profiling must have a fully charged laptop and access to the internet. 

If a student is absent on the day, they will have an opportunity to complete it at a later date.