By Mohammad, Naif and Jack 

We are students in the VCE VM PDS class at WRSC, and as part of our assessment we planned and ran an activity to help with car safety in our community.

Our unit this term focused on community and the challenges communities face when confronted with issues. We are young people who are soon to be drivers ourselves and so we want the roads to be as safe as possible. 

To contribute to a safer community, we organised a free-of-cost activity. We conducted a tyre safety check for participating staff members’ cars in our school in the school parking area. 

We checked the tyre pressure and tread depth and provided each teacher with a written report on our findings. 

The main aim of this activity was to promote tyre safety awareness. We wanted to help staff members understand the importance of maintaining appropriate tyre pressure and tread depth, and through this, we hoped to improve their understanding of tyre safety. Properly inflated tyres with sufficient tread depth helps road grip, handling and braking performance. These reduce the risk of accidents.

On the day, 15 students worked in teams with equipment after we showed them how to use it and how to record information. Our job was to check what everyone was doing and to help students who had difficulty. 

We learnt a lot about how to run a project and how to supervise a team, how to work with clients and we think we helped our community.