By Andrew 

Our work this term was about communities, and we decided to look at road safety in our community. Every group had a different project and our group – Justin, Dale, Harrison and I have been working for a few weeks to organise for a police officer to speak to our group on safe driving.

In our VCE VM Personal development class we are almost all 17 and one of the things we are all thinking about is getting our driver’s licence. We know that just reading the learners’ guide and even getting lots of driving experience is not going to make us safe drivers. We wanted to get some advice from the police about how to stay out of trouble. 

  • None of us want to be the person that is pulled over by the police. 
  • None of us want to lose our licence or our car. 
  • None of us want to be in court for hurting or killing someone. 

After a lot of phone calls, a visit to a police station and letters asking for permission from Mr Elborough for this project, we were able to get First Constable Andy Moreton from the Preston Police Station Proactive Policing Unit to visit the school to speak to our class. 

It was shocking to hear that there were so many different ways to easily get demerit points and to see how quickly they add up. Andy had a lot of experience, and a lot of his examples were from incidents he attended in Reservoir and the other suburbs close to where we live.

Andy’s talk was really interesting and we saw that by enforcing the law, the police are working to save our lives. 

At the end of the talk, there were lots of questions from our class, not only about road safety, but also about policing as a career.